Saturday, July 20, 2013

13 months....and BEYOND!

Well, I was really hoping to be better about updating (even without the monthly updates looming over me) but that has not happened. SO, here I am with almost 2 months to update you on...

Where should I start??? Leo and Liam, you are WALKING! Yes, you read that right! A couple weeks after your first birthday, Leo really took off with the walker from Christmas (up and down the sidewalk for miles), the trains all over the house, and anything else you can push. Liam, you weren't as interested...still preferred climbing! So Leo, you were the first to walk and Liam you were about a week or so behind him. Just like with everything else, you both took to walking so drastically different. Leo, you were very slow and methodical, with your arms out front like a mummy. Liam, you just went fast and furious and normally crashed after a few steps...and looked much like a drunk man (and sometimes still do)! It has been so much fun watching this stage unfold...Eli loves it and says "Look momma, he's walking!"

You both are still paci free and took to that like champs! YAY!!!! We are also bottle free! Another big YAY!!!! You are eating all table foods now...I haven't pureed anything in weeks! You eat chicken, tortillas with spinach, turkey and cheese on them, strawberries, blueberries, yogurt, carrots, oatmeal, waffles, eggs, and will pretty much try anything. Liam, you are a pretty picky eater but drink milk like you've been dehydrated for days! Leo, you will eat almost anything and drink milk OK but not quite like Liam.

We've gone and stayed a few times at Oma and Pop's and gone to church with them and you stayed in the nursery. This was the first time for eiter of you to stay anywhere away from me that wasn't with a grandparent! Liam, your feelings were pretty hurt but you surved and Leo, you did pretty well until the other parents started coming in...then, you were DONE! We've also stayed at Gran and Grandad's a couple times the last couple months. All of these over night visits have been the first since Christmas and you have slept well!

Eli, you finished up your school year at Cross Church KDO...I can't believe you have 2 "school" years under your belt. You seemed to change, learn and grow so much this year. Before the last week of school I gave you a haircut and you asked for a cut like daddy's and I about died because it made you look so GROWNUP! I still can't get over how it made you seem like a big boy overnight!

Summer is about to kick into full swing and I cannot wait to see the fun we have as a family of 5! I love you boys and am so blessed to be able to watch you grow and learn!

love, Momma

I have been so horrible at updating that I'm just going to add pictures here at the bottom...I think these go through Mother's Day! NOT IN ORDER!

Eli and Momma at our Chik-fil-a Mother/Son Date Knight!

Being Knighted by the cow!

Dr. Seuss's birthday at the library

Big boys eating at their table
Playing at Chik-fil-a
Caleb and Baylor came to play!

Nana and Pawpaw celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary!

Playing outside with Wrigley

Working on our walking (pre-paci give up)

Playing on Megan's trampoline

 Playing with our new toys from our birthday!

And these are the faces I see A LOT. NOT fun when you all are like this!

 Our first warmer day so we busted out the water table...maybe a bit premature but you all had fun!

 Morning hair!

Liam is taking off!

Eli's class at Cross Church KDO

He LOVED his teachers: Mrs. Paige
Mrs. Angela

Mother's Day 2013 at Oma and Pop's

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